Manufacture and Sales of Building Envelope Testing Equipment

Feature Product

The Air-Sure Leak Detection System is an effective, efficient and affordable testing system designed to find air and water leaks in membranes/coatings used in all forms of applications. When used in conjunction with visual inspection, it provides an accurate reflection of the quality of installation of the membrane, and will assist in determining whether the completed system is in adherence with installation specifications and building codes.

When a test is performed, the Air-Sure Leak Detector will indicate whether there are leaks in the test sample. It is a simple pass/fail test. Areas where the membrane has been penetrated or damaged (fasteners and masonry ties), or where membrane continuity has been compromised (seams and joints) are just some of the details which can be tested using the Leak Detector. The Air-Sure Leak Detector allows for the testing of the quality of workmanship quickly, efficiently, and on the job site, with little or no disruption to the critical path of construction.

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